5 Philly Cells

This is my dude RJ Leimpeter. He’s been in various bay area punk and hardcore bands and is the proprietor of Timeless Coffee in Oakland, CA. RJ wanted to start a quality coffee shop of his own for many years, and within the past couple years made it happen. They specialize in chocolate, everything is vegan and they roast their own beans. The coffee is the best I’ve had in the East Bay, and if you’re coming to town for any reason, you should really stop by and check out the place. Punks, freaks, and weirdos welcome. Also, Vegan brunch on Sunday. Bang Bang. I love you all.    

Give / Equality.

Marissa & Leonard

These are two friends of mine, Marissa Cianciulli & Lenard Coons. I took pictures of the two them about a year ago, and just developed the rolls to find something great. I’ve been close with Marissa for a decade and met Lenny upon visiting her. Because each of them live in Philadelphia, the content is already very American in itself. These images have the appeal of timelessness - being, they could have been taken in any era. I’m working on a body of work that involves that idea. Hopefully it follows suit. I love you all.


I took these pictures while on vacation in Roatan last year. The little girl featured in the images turned into a little devil while I was taking the photos. She started trowing seed as hard as she could at the birds, and found two plastic bottles, which she used to repeatedly hit the birds on their beaks while they were clasped to the fence. It was weird. Sarah and I had to leave because we thought the little girl may grow horns and a little tail.