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Anthony & Jackie

Early Works

Paul Bohan. One of the true honest-to-god legends of the North Bay. I’ve seen him eat a live snake, teeth pulled out from trying to tug-o-war mouth-to-mouth with a pit bull, various acts of public intoxication and nudity. 

This is an old man walking with his wife in Sausalito, CA. If you ever go there check out ‘No Name Bar.’ There is nothing in front to let you know it’s there, just a door. But, some of the greatest musicians in the world have played there, and to this day show up on a whim - mostly Jazz and Blues, but it can vary. 

Took this picture in Union Square, SF. I was just starting at City College of San Francisco sometime around 2005, and would walk the streets trying to get crazy stuff. 

The tape on the car reads: “”Yes, cops are the biggest car thieves in town. They have tow trucks and auctions to prove it. And everybody knows it.”


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Ceremony recently spent some time with John Reis at his studio in San Diego. Besides laying tracks, we BBQ’d, smoked cigars, drank beers, walked the streets at night, and talked a bunch about music. Ivy Green was one of the bands he put me on. They’re Dutch punks from a small village called, Hazerswoude, which I assume the song above is about. Their self titled LP came out in 1978, a few months after Never Mind The Bullocks, and I must say…If I had to choose, Ivy Green would be my go-to. Please Listen - you won’t be bummed.