alexiewalsh asked:

I won't be skull fucked by faith, I am the upside down Ross

It’s true.

alexjamesmoney asked:

Yo if you haven't already give Red Dons from the U.K. A listen I feel it would be a band you will enjoy.


desire-children asked:

hello, I'm a photography student from the uk, I love your work and was wondering if i might be able to ask you a few questions about your photography as part of my research of influences?


A few pictures from our stop at Schwartz’s in Montreal on the Ceremony - Titus Andronicus tour, 2012. We played 200 plus shows that year, and some of the most memorable ones were with the those guys. The center picture is of Adam Reich aka Big Reich, one of the more beautiful people on this earth. Miss you buddy.

Society Verse is back. I’ve been getting tons of messages from you guys about getting a copy, so the time is now. You can get them at Bridge9’s merch store or from us at We aren’t going to have them for about another week, so check Bridge9 for now. Thanks. I love you all.

Stefan & Anthony.

Stefan, Middle of Nowhere. Canada.

Canada, 2012.

Austin, Texas. 2012.

Astrology, 2013.